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Rehabilitation Care

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Rehabilitation Care

Rance Healthcare Services offers Rehabilitation Care to support and aid you following discharge hospital (usually after an operation or illness).

After leaving hospital, you may find it helpful to have someone provide a wide range of care services, until you fully recover and are able to support yourself again.

Our Rehabilitation Carers will give you the time to recuperate in the comfort of your own home, rather than being transferred to a residential home or experience an extended stay in the hospital. Most people recover faster in the comfort of their homes.

The aim of Rehabilitation Care is to help you regain your mental, physical and social capabilities. In certain cases, a whole host of healthcare professionals (nurses, physiotherapists, occupational and speech therapists) could be working together with you including our Care/Support Carers so as to promote recovery and maximise your dignity, independence and respect.

All of our Care/Support Workers are fully vetted and get on-going training to give them the knowledge to provide you with the best support. Our Care/Support Workers are trained in First Aid Awareness, Infection Control, Dementia Care, Parkinson’s Care, Autism Care, Alcohol Awareness Care, MS Care, End of Life Care and much more.

Rehabilitation Care Costs?

Depending on your condition upon discharge from the hospital, you may be offered “intermediate care” or “reablement care” by the NHS. This short rehabilitation programme usually lasts for no longer than six weeks and the hospital provides us with all your information so that we can ensure that you receive the support you need. If a client’s condition requires specific therapeutic treatment (for example, speech or physiotherapy) following a stroke, support can continue as an outpatient.

If on-going care is required at the end of the six-week period, funding from social services may be available.

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