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We Support Dementia Friends

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Since Rance Healthcare Services Ltd became Dementia Friends, it has given our staff a greater understanding of how they can make life better for people with dementia, both when they are in their own homes and when they are back home in the community.

Becoming Dementia Friends has made Rance Healthcare Services staff think more about the little things we do to make a big difference to our clients. For instance, looking through an old photo album with a client can bring a smile to their face. It can trigger memories they remember or recognise something that was or is important to them.

The information sessions from Dementia Friends have highlighted some of the other things that our staff can do to help others with dementia to carry out their daily lives. The support can be anything from helping or doing their shopping, to simply recognising that people with dementia may take longer to carry out everyday tasks and so showing them extra patience.

Learning Disabilities Rance Healthcare Services

Learning Disabilities

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Rance Healthcare Services provides learning disability support services for care leavers, adults and older people with a range of learning disabilities that include Autism, Dementia Challenging Behaviours, Mental Health Needs and Physical and Sensory disabilities. The work our carers do in their learning disability support work has a profound effect on the lives of the adults we support.

Our personal approach

Our personal approach to our learning disability support means our staff take the time to listen to each person, make an assessment and develop a support plan which focuses on improving their daily life.

The initial assessment

After an initial assessment, our fully trained staff can provide as much support as the individual needs. This can range from 1 hour per day to 24-hour care, with either 1 or 2 support staff depending on your requirements. Our carers can help families make useful changes within the home to allow the individual to live a more comfortable and independent life.

Our experienced staff are happy to provide emotional and practical support

Our support staff appreciate the challenges faced by people living with learning disabilities and our experienced carers are used to supporting a range of individuals with learning disabilities in their homes.

Our staff give emotional and practical support to family members or carers and this allows them to take a break. The work our staff do has a profound effect on both the adults and their families and can be a preventative measure from placing the individual into a residential home.

It’s all about YOU

Our learning disability support is tailored around the individual. Each individual a person centred care plan which includes their likes, dislikes, needs and ambitions. Our carers will offer a great sense of companionship and provide support in pursuing hobbies and personal interests for the individual.

our learning disability support includes:

  • Support with cooking
  • Support with maintain your home
  • Support with accessing your local community resources
  • Encouraging the individual to persue hobbies
  • Encouraging the individual to undertake tasks independently
  • Encouraging each individual to go outside of the home
  • Support with holidays
  • Attend to personal care needs

Supported living Rance Healthcare Services

Supported Living

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At Rance Healthcare Services Ltd, we believe that everyone has the right to live the life that they choose. Our support services enable people to live happy and fulfilling lives in their own homes and with their own tenancies.

Our supported living services help adults with a range of needs to live safely and independently in their local communities. This includes individuals with learning disabilities, autism, brain injuries, Prader-Willi syndrome (PWS), mental health needs, forensic needs and those who present with behaviours that may be challenging.

We work in a person-centred way and this means that our support and care are completely bespoke, and suitably matched to the preferences, unique needs and aspirations of each individual.

Our staff have the experience in supporting people with complex care needs and we aim to empower individuals to make their own choices about how they live their lives. Our staff take the time to get to know each person and to understand their interests, needs and goals. We provide the care and support which sees each person improve their well-being and independence and achieve their full potential.

Our supported living services are regulated by the (CQC) Care Quality Commission and we have our own internal quality team that ensures a robust and responsive approach meaning that we support people in the best possible way.

Each person receives emotional and physical support from staff who are trained to meet their specific needs. We carefully match a staff member to each person so that we can build a trusting and positive relationship. With individually tailored support from people they feel comfortable and secure with, tenants quickly grow in confidence.

Support is available from a few hours a week to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including 1:1 support. We provide help across a range of areas to enable individuals to lead more enriching and fulfilling lives. This includes:

  • Community inclusion
  • Domestic tasks such as cooking, cleaning and shopping
  • Personal care
  • Taking medication
  • Managing finances and budgeting
  • 24-hour on-call support service for the support team
  • Supporting with finding day time activities and employment/voluntary work
  • Helping with claiming and managing benefits
  • Accessing leisure and social activities
  • Maintaining links with family and friends, and establishing new relationships
  • Supporting healthy lifestyles

Rance Healthcare Services Trust Pilot

Rance Healthcare Services

Hospital to Home Care

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If you are ready to be discharged from the hospital after an injury or illness but still need some support back in your own home, Rance Healthcare Services ltd provides a Hospital to Home Support Plan. Whatever your age or condition, whether you need round-the-clock personal care or you just need to re-build your confidence while you recover, our friendly and highly experienced team of staff are ready to help you get your life back on track. At Rance Healthcare Services Ltd, we pride ourselves on providing excellent support for you in the comfort of your own home.

We understand that following a hospital stay you are likely to be feeling unsure or nervous about what the next steps entail. Some of our clients following an accident, who have never received support before, are unfamiliar and often worried at the prospect of being cared for by a stranger. We ensure that we provide our service in the most compassionate and sensitive manner; that the transition from hospital back to your home is a smooth and comfortable one; that we discuss and talk you through every step of the way, considering you in every aspect. Your happiness and wellbeing are of paramount importance to us and we will always put you first.

Our Care Process

At Rance Healthcare Services ltd, we know that everybody is different and has different needs. This is why our services are always flexible, your Support Plan will be entirely built around you and your personal requirements and circumstances, and we do our best to fit in with your normal routine and lifestyle. If you choose us as your care provider one of our team of staff will come to visit you in the hospital before you get discharged and assess your needs with you and your family. Together we will organise and arrange your Support Plan so that it is convenient and beneficial to you. We are here to answer any questions or queries you may have and ensure that you are entirely comfortable with the Support Plan we arrange with you. If at any time you wish to alter your Support Plan or increase your care requirements, this can also be arranged.

Rance Healthcare Services

Emotional Support Service

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Rance Healthcare Services offers dedicated emotional and practical support at difficult times in an individual’s life; situations which are often triggered by feeling the loss of independence or sudden unexpected changes in important relationships.

Times like these can impact on a person’s sense of control, self confidence or self esteem and quality of life. Through the Emotional Support Service we are there to support older people and help them make sense of what is happening in their lives and to support them to make choices and access new opportunities and services that they consider best enhances and sustains their well-being and independence. We believe this approach will support older people to remain independent in their own homes and communities.

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Rance Healthcare Services

Physical Disability Care

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Physical Disability Care

Rance Healthcare Services provides a tailored Physical Disability Care service for any of our clients with physical disabilities – we aim to support our clients in their daily lives and promote their independence.

We firmly believe that the service we provide to you and any physical disabilities you may have goes one step further than our competitors.

As well as being fully-personalised for the individual, the care service includes a full evaluation of your home for free of charge – this can be supported by a separate Occupational Therapy assessment so that we can work together with you to source equipment or adapt your home.

Our Care/Support Workers are trained to support you with help finding work, meeting new people and generally living the life the way you choose.

All the support we provide is personalised to your exact needs.  Our bespoke Care Plans help to maintain your independence, dignity and respect.

How Much Does Physical Disability Care Cost?

Due to the wide range of services offered by Physical Disability Care, costs can vary on a case-to-case basis. You may also be entitled to funding from social services.

Rance Healthcare Services

Social Care

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Social Care

If you live away from your loved one or know someone who lives without family and friends nearby, Social Care could be extremely valuable for them.

Our research and experience have identified that many people, especially in older age, may feel lonely and/or isolated – possibly a result of either a health condition or a loss of a significant other.

Social Care also offers emotional support – this could be something as simple as a conversation over a coffee or help with a weekly shopping trip.

Our Social Care services improve your quality of life by offering you companionship and support.

Sometimes, you may just need a friend or someone to share a story with. You may feel better knowing that someone is looking out for you when you go out to the shops or to visit a friend.

Because you are unique and have your own needs and wants, we provide you with fully vetted, trained and qualified staff to help support you in any way that you require.

The support we provide as part of our Social Care service can include, but is not limited to:

Help going shopping

Activity visits, for example, a trip to the theatre, library or hairdressers

Trips to visit family or friends

Conducting a security check for your residence

A simple cup of tea and a chat 

Social Care Costs?

Due to the wide range of services offered by Social Care, costs can vary on a case-to-case basis.

You may also be entitled to funding from social services.

Rance Healthcare Services

Dementia Care

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Dementia Care

Dementia is a condition that is becoming more and more prevalent in today’s society. Rance Healthcare Services can deliver extensive and expert support to not only your loved one with the condition but all family members who are affected by Dementia.
We’re proud to say we have many staff who are official Dementia Friends.

Dementia is a name given to a set of illnesses that affect the brain.

A change of routine and environment can be very daunting for someone who’s living with dementia. That’s why more families than ever are turning to home care rather than residential care, so their loved one can stay in the place they know and love instead of nursing homes.

There are over 100 forms of Dementia, the most well-known of which is Alzheimer’s – which is sadly being diagnosed much more often in the UK.

The symptoms of Dementia begin by affecting a person’s memory, be it forgetting names, where they have been or what they are planning on doing, this forgetfulness understandably leads to the individual becoming confused and understandably frustrated.

Approximately 750,000 people in the UK have Dementia. It is an illness that doesn’t just affect the person, but also their family and friends.

We’re helping people every day – across all parts of Wolverhampton, Dudley, Staffordshire, Shropshire, Shrewsbury, Birmingham, Telford and beyond – to cope with the various challenges that come with dementia and memory loss. With hundreds of different strains of this sometimes-debilitating condition, and many different stages, one of our handpicked carers will maintain your loved one’s everyday routines and can ease the strain on your family – offering an alternative to care homes.

Call us today to find out more about our dementia care services and the many flexible options for care at home.

Hourly Visiting Care
We can check on you every hour to make sure you are alright.

Extended Hours of Live-In Care
If necessary, our Care/Support Workers can live with you so as to ensure you receive the attention and support that you need.

Night Care
Our Care/Support Workers are able to stay in your home overnight to ensure you sleep freely.

Respite Care
If a family member of a friend currently cares for you, our Care/Support Workers can step in to take the pressure off them and still ensure you get a personalised care service.

Dementia Care Costs?

Due to the wide range of services offered within Dementia Care, costs can vary on a case-to-case basis. You may also be entitled to funding from social services.

You may also be entitled to funding from social services.

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