Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Arrange Home Care For Myself or Family Member

Give us a call and we will be happy to talk you through your requirements over the phone and then arrange a free no-obligation assessment which will normally be carried out in your home. We suggest that at this time you involve any family members you wish, who may have some questions of their own.

Having discussed your needs and requirements we will then put together a care package that suits your individual requirements and agree on a start date.


Are Your Home Care Staff Trained

All our staff are trained to the national minimum standards required by the local regulatory bodies. Over and above these, staff are encouraged to undertake personal development and attend additional training courses. Specialist training courses are also provided to staff to ensure that they are fully trained to undertake more complex care needs.

Our staff attend an intensive training programme covering “Principles of Care”, “Health & Safety” and other aspects of Care. Carers training is updated on a regular basis and Carers are encouraged to complete their NVQ 2 in Care.


Are Your Home Care Staff Insured

Yes, all our staff are fully insured for both personal and public liability.


Is Home Care Good For Me?

It is flexible, hassle-free and it is enjoyable. You will get to stay in your community and live under your own roof, surrounded by your own things and continue to live by your own rules. One of the best things about what we do is that it does not ‘feel like care’. Or at least, it does not feel like what many people think care feels like.


How Can You Ensure That I Recieve A Carer That I Like?

We have a great team of trained and experienced carers. We take time to select caring, empathetic, enthusiastic people with big hearts and warm, friendly natures, who want to build positive caring relationships with their clients. We make sure that we choose people who have a range of interests whether it is following a football team, enjoying gentle walks, or painting, crochet and craft making. Whatever it is that floats your boat, we’ll find the right person to support you to become your chosen companion.


Can You Care For Someone With Dementia?

We recognise the challenges of caring for someone living with dementia and our years of experience in helping families to cope with the situation at home means that we are able to offer our expertise when it comes to providing care and support for someone living with dementia.


What Is Non-Medical Care?

We provide non-medical care which means anything that does not involve nursing intervention, such as administering injections, changing wound dressings and taking vital sign measurements.


Will I Always Get The Same Carers?

We will usually try to match you with more than one carer so that you are familiar and secure with the team that is supporting you. We aim to ensure that the same carers attend to your needs.


Will The Agreed Time of My Care Visit Be The Same Each Day?

Your visit times will be agreed on your Care Plan and Carers will stick to them. However, you should allow 15 minutes each way in case of problems with traffic etc.


If I Am Unhappy With My Care - What Should I Do?

Contact the Care Manager or office immediately; we are always happy to sort out any concerns.


How Long Does It Take To Set-Up My Care?

We try to complete the process within 3 days or less.


What If I Want To Cancel My Contract?

Contact the office – You have to give us 14 days notice in writing as you will only be charged for visits provided.


If I Cancel A Care Visit - Will I Get Charged?

So long as you give us 48 hours notice – you will not be charged.


If I Have a Pet - Will This Be a Problem?

NO, as long as you let us know at your assessment then we can match you to a Carer accordingly.


How Will My Carer Gain Access to My Home?

If you are unable to answer the door yourself, we recommend a Key Safe be fitted, or sometimes an alternative safe place for a key is agreed e.g. with a neighbour.


Can I Change My Care Plan With my Carer?

No, Care Plans need to be changed through the Care Management – Please speak with us about changing your care needs.

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