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End Of Life Care

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End Of Life Care

Rance Healthcare Services understands that it can be very difficult to accept that you need End of Life Care, but we’re here to try and ensure that you and your loved ones are supported fully.

Passing away peacefully, with dignity and within familiar surroundings, is what many of us would wish for. End-of-life care at home allows you – or a loved one – to do just this, in the place you feel most comfortable and safe.

For many people the ability to pass away surrounded by family at home is very comforting. We understand how to approach the situation with dignity and we feel truly honoured to deliver this special service.

Hearing that you may be reaching the end of your life can be extremely difficult.

Disbelief and shock are just some of the overwhelming emotions making it difficult to think clearly. It is important to take time to talk with your partner, a relative or close friend to deal with the news.

Rance Healthcare Services will ensure that you have the choice on how to spend your final days be it surrounded by friends and/or family. Our End of Life Care is designed to help you maintain your dignity and respect, and our End of Life Care is tailored to your specific needs as an individual.

Our Care/Support Workers are qualified to assist with End of Life Care, and they will strive to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible whilst supporting and maintaining communicating with your friends and family.

End of Life Care is growing in demand due to the high standard of personalised care that can be delivered to a client’s home. It is a service that truly benefits a loved one in their time of need. We understand the difficulties and stress that can arise from End of Life Care, and we are here to listen, support and care. 

End Of Life Care Costs?

Due to the wide range of services offered within End of Life Care, costs can vary on a case-to-case basis. Please contact us for a quote.

You may also be entitled to funding from social services.

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